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I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.

-Calamity Jane-

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Laura Melle (Lausen)

Cassidy, Cashlyn and Marci are a rising sensation in the world of rodeo. These girls are not only beautiful and talented, they are the true definition of cowgirls. I have been coaching the Calamity Cowgirls now for 4 years. These young ladies show great determination and commitment at every single practice. Each rider has experienced many challenges such as training their own horses, body limitations, falls, and injuries. They have always been able to persevere as a team and with a positive attitude. They truly make the most difficult tricks look easy with smiles on their faces through hours of dedicated training. These ladies have tremendous talent which is easy to see during their performances, leaving rodeo crowds across Canada and the US on their feet.

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Laura (Lausen) Melle

Coach of the Calamity Cowgirls

I had the privilege of seeing them perform in person. That level of dedication and showmanship is rare, but especially profound in a group of girls who are in their early teens and have only been performing for a short amount of time. The piece that we aired on our sportscasts was widely shared and remarked on, for their ability and their character.

- CTV Regina

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Bianca Millions

Sports Anchor/Reporter

One girl after another dangles upside down, suspended in a mid-cartwheel arc off the side of her horse as her hands skim the same ground front hooves just graced. The Calamity Cowgirls and their sequined quarter horses acrobat across the arena at a dead gallop as they perform suicide drags, back breakers, and vaults - dangerous yet beautiful stunts that have the crowd roaring its approval during an evening performance in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

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Sydney Glasoe Caraballo

Feature Writer, The Journal, Crosby, ND

Calamity Cowgirls Trick Riders

The Calamity Cowgirls Trick Riders performed at the Home on the Range Champions Match Ride Rodeo, Saturday, August 5th in Sentinel Butte, ND and once again, did a GREAT job! If you want to really enhance any event that you are staging, they make a very crowd-pleasing addition.

Richard Angus Ranch